Happy International Women’s Day!

emma watson feminism speech

Happy International Women’s Day!


emma watson feminism speech

I was watching a video where Emma Watson describes feminism (video below). To me the video says that feminism is the ability of a woman to be free to choose who and what she wants to be. Her words got me thinking about the way women behave toward each other online and in general. There is jealousy, body shaming, and name calling. It’s ugly. It feels like women are in competition to fit a man’s standard of what a women should be. I feel this is even stronger in the Latin community.


It’s interesting because Emma was in a photo where her breasts are exposed and people started with the name calling. They said she wasn’t being a feminist because she was exposing her body. Why don’t people understand that it’s not about being exposed, but about respecting people who are exposed. I always use the example of a nudist colony, how come they know to respect each other even if they are naked? Are the nudist just more civilized?


We get so caught up in trying to fit into the ways “society” says we should be, even if those ways are hurting us. Girls have committed suicide because of bullying and attacks on their bodies and what they choose to do with those bodies. Is the use of the word “slut” by people who use it to feel better about how they look and who they are in the world, worth the death of a young girl? Does anyone even think about these things? Why are women’s bodies seen as things men own? I hear the way many men talk, we all do. Our president has said things that have been brushed off as locker room talk. The song “You Don’t Own Me” starts playing in my mind.


What will it take for us to stop being owned by a system that mistreats us and views us as less than human? Will an International Women’s Day change views? I know it’s not easy, I’m also in the system. It’s great to feel as if you are at the top of the food chain, but is it worth it at the expense of the suffering of others? It’s not easy to be strong and stand up to a crowd. Some people have been shot trying to get an education. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am talking about Malala Yousafzai.


You want to be treated better as a woman? Be a better woman. I am not talking about what you are wearing or how you look, but how you treat other women. Happy International Women’s Day.




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